An Age of Online Art Exhibitions

Mark Bradford
Mark Bradford. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

A sign hangs in a flaking doorway. Hints of vibrant red and orange reach out from a brick wall. Each canvas makes me forget about my computer screen. Are online art exhibitions the new normal?

Artist Mark Bradford’s Quarantine Paintings, an exclusively online art exhibition of works made in isolation, transport, and redefine.

Quarantine Paintings, An Online Art Exhibition.

A series of large canvases hang in a dilapidated, cavernous space. I feel the loneliness and frustration (Q3, 2020) of the times, emoting from organic yet bold grids.

Q1 (2020), Q2 (2020), and Q3 (2020) all distinct in their color palettes, tell an interconnected story. The grids ground each canvas. Lines add shape to smaller spaces, built up to make a whole. Color weaves itself in, around, and on top of the lines, evoking anger and reassurance.

The photos speak for themselves. The canvases could read as flat, but each has a unique grid that spills out. Some grids are fluid, others are geometric, all beg to be touched.

A New Normal.

Bradford’s work has made me feel reconnected, curious, and inspired. It has opened my eyes to the possibility of what online art exhibitions are. True human emotion will always demand to be felt.


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